Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thomas Merton

I've been working for most of the past week on The Bell children's book and my hand started to hurt from using my wacom. So I did a quick sketch of Thomas Merton, scanned it in, and then used the wacom some more.

This image is born out of a couple of places: going to our church, Renovatus, and reading some of Thomas Merton's book called "Seeds". This past week our pastor was speaking on the Holy Spirit and the Spirit's relevance to our lives today. That He (the Spirit) didn't come just to aid the initial building of the church at Pentecost, but is persisting and continuing to help aid the church today, in more ways than just "feeling good". Question is: do we believe its true?

I believe it is.

The idea behind this image..I suppose it's something of a poster.. but the idea behind it is that we have a lot of great men and women of the faith that we look up to and look to for inspiration and leadership. But in our looking to them, we mustn't think that they have some kind of special enabling that was simply not given to us. The common denominator between us and our leaders in Christ is the Holy Ghost - and its the Holy Ghost that enables them to be great. They're walking closely with the Father, and you and I can do the exact same thing, to whatever extent we're willing to go to.