Saturday, February 5, 2011

IF: Surrender

Sometimes life puts you in situations that you can't ignore, and there's no way out of them unless you surrender. In most cases, the symbol for that is waving a white flag. In other cases, it may be a banana. For instance:

(Desperate times call for desperate measures.)

And in other news, I got some a nice little something in the mail a couple of days ago that I'm pretty excited about it:

These are some promotional mailers that I've been trying to get printed for a while now, and wasn't having much luck on the local scene. So I opted for Overnight Prints and I couldn't be happier with them. To tell the truth, I think they got the colors downright perfect. So now, I'm addressing envelopes and slapping some stamps on 'em to see about drummin' up that biznass.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

IF: Dusty, version 2

I finally finished this thing. A couple days late, but finished none the less. Most of this info is in the post below, but this image is for this past week's Illustration Friday topic, "Dusty".

I'm pretty satisfied with the way it turned out in the end. It was definitely a "work with it as you go" type of project.

I'll probably go back and add some images into those blank picture frames when I get the time. I'm thinking radishes and maybe another couple veggies? Give me suggestions if ya got em. :)