Saturday, August 28, 2010

Needy Birds

Needy Birds
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Another t-shirt design that went through a few revisions to hit the right notes. I was reading a book by Watchman Nee, where he was noting the disciples' response to Jesus, when Jesus asked the disciples to take the five loaves and the two fish and feed the congregation of five-thousand strong. Referring to the bread and fish, Jesus was asked "But what are these among so many?"

Far too much, we choose to focus on the few paltry loaves we have in our possession and forget the reality that God is working and moving in ways that go far beyond a $2 loaf of bread you can buy at the store. Focusing on what little we have distracts us from what is available.

Again, this t-shirt is available now if you're local (Charlotte), and will be up at soon!

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