Friday, September 17, 2010

This was really just too cool NOT to draw

Birds, birds, birds. That's what I've been working on this past week. So in all this bird drawing (a couple of them you can already view on my website), my wife and I were heading out somewhere and we passed a sign for an apartment complex that had a hummingbird as the logo. And an image, as some images do, sprang into my mind. One of those that's really too much fun to just let die as just a thought and nothing more. Thus...

Then I turned it into a t-shirt design
for a contest over on Sketchoholic.
Wish me luck!


LElizabethH said...

haha awesome!

T.J. said...

Kind of like the joke that was featured in the 1960's Batman: "What weighs 6 ounces, sits in a tree, and is very dangerous? A sparrow with a machine gun"