Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The end of some and the beginning of more

Merry Christmas!

It was the first with the missus and it was a good one. We were both right busy up until the holidays doing different projects for gifts and I squeezed a little project in for a friend too. The gifts went over well.. I have to say that my personal favorite is this:

(me and my beautiful bride)

The project that I did for a friend was a short children's book that she wrote for her family for Christmas. It's neat - she wrote the story and has a different illustrator illustrate it each year. I guess this was my year! I didn't have time to fully color the illustrations, but they turned out nice anyway, especially for the quick turnaround (about 3-4 days). The characters in particular. Here's a sample:

All in all, a very good and productive end to the year!

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Tyler said...

these are awesome man. love the mood in a lot of these. rrrad blog!