Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Supposedly MIA for the past month

I didn't mention that I was going on a sort of hiatus. But that's where I've been. Explain? Ok.

I've been doing illustration for a little over a year now as a full-time job, largely doing work for various clients, getting to know the art community better, trying to promote myself, and developing a particular style (which Illustration Fridays have been most excellent for). But things haven't progressed quite as quickly as I thought they might - not due to laziness or by any fault of mine (as it's often been perceived by myself), but as Meagan pointed out with a statistic, that it typically takes between 5 to 10 years for an illustrator to make a name for his/herself.

...So one year down.

That said, it's looking like I'll be going back to working with the rest of the world, part time or full time, I don't know yet. With that looming possibility, I was given the advice to take about a month and really push hard on one project, though there are many that could be worked on (which is why Illustration Fridays and blog posts were pushed to the backburner for a while).

The project that I decided to work on was Munch, the children's book story that I first began developing in my last year at school. I'd never been satisfied with the rhyme scheme or a large portion of the final illustrations. So I set to work on that story, solely. The first draft of the story, which is in rhyme, took about three weeks (almost my whole month!) to complete. But to keep myself sane, I took some time out of those three weeks to work on some illustrations for the book too - the ones I knew would be kept through all of the editing. Here is the first:

The final draft of the story still isn't completed (and neither is this illustration or any of the others), but I'm okay with that. It's better to take a little more time and fill in all of the potholes, so to speak. Particularly when working with rhyme. The goal now is to keep just as resolute to finish the project even if another job takes up time.

So now I'm back, more or less, though I don't know if I'll be attempting to keep up with things like Illustration Friday as regularly as I was. But I'll still be making the illustration rounds. For instance, and I'll leave you with this, I've just put up a couple of brand new illustrations on my website for another been-in-the-works-for-a-while kid's story. You can check those out here!

Enjoy, and until next time, mi amigos.


alaterfriend said...

I've often wondered if it's in the uncomfortable places of our lives that we really begin to see what God is made of. And what he's seeking to accomplish in us for His kingdom. It's a good work in you brother. I believe it! Glad to see "The Wild Frenzy" is still lurking :)


Jake Page said...

I'm glad to see your comment on here. :) I don't think that's something you just wondered about, though - I think you know the answer to that question! M and I have been caused to draw nearer to God in the uncertainty of all this, and it is far for the better. Despite not knowing where the landing pad is in all this, we know who manages the fog and the wind, if that makes sense.

And yes! Of course, The Wild Frenzy is still lurking - it's too awesome to let go of! :) The original story was a bit too short after laying it out over the normal 32-pages that make up a kids book, so I've got to do some adding and editing, but it's still a great story!

Jennifer Noel Bower said...

Jake, it meant a lot reading your post and just know there are those of out there that share in the dream, the journey and the struggles although they be our own. I love the words of the first commenter and during this season of Lent I told myself I would give up caffeine and get on my knees nightly to ask that God continue to move my hand to create in his way, fill me with trust for the purpose he has in this gift and give me the patience to see his vision out. I constantly have to remind myself, not in my time but his.
You don't know me, but I love your work and this journey you are on. Stay with it...job or no job.

mackieandryan said...

Jake! I love all of these. So much has been happening in our lives lately too - we need to catch up. Things did not exactly work out as planned, but I do believe that God's timing is so perfect and so different than ours. And this verse has been popping into my head all week: Isaiah 55:9. We love you both! And I know God has great things in store for you. It gives me peace to know that even if we don't know the plan, at least He does. Hope to see ya'll soon. Let's just say, we will be in NC for a while!

Constance said...

The new drawings of the boy? They tell a story WITHOUT words! You're definitely on a right path just now!

Jake Page said...

Jennifer - so glad that you enjoyed the post. Definitely on the journey with you. My wife got me a book the other day that I have only read a little in, but perhaps you might enjoy it too - It's called "Dear James: Letters to a Young Illustrator" by R.O. Blechman. I've enjoyed it so far.

Mackie - yes! We've been thinking a lot about you guys and definitely want to catch up. We should get together sometime, the four of us. It shouldn't be THAT difficult... :)

Constance - thank you for those kind words - from my wife's blog, I can tell that you know how to wield words well! Thanks for the encouragement!

Cre8ed2Cre8 said...

As a fellow artist, I too am looking for Part-Time or Full-Time work. Please don't lose heart. God is in this season as much as He is in you stepping into your creativity as a full-time career. Don't Forget: You are not defined by the constraints of a 9-5 job! If we all will lean INTO what He has for us in this transition, and embrace it as faithfully as we would our creative calling in it's purest form...then He can show us what He needs to show us, and we can grow and learn. Making the day when we are released to do nothing but create, that much sweeter and richer and more pregnant with purpose. When we're willing to sacrifice our gifting/vision on the altar of obedience, He delights in honoring that obedience. Respond with joy to this thing He's asking of you, and watch Him move heaven and earth on your behalf! He's not taking it from you, but He's simply asking if you can trust Him...even with this. Praying for you...may this crack your creativity open even wider than before!

YungSunsMom said...

It is such a joy and delight to watch the perseverance of a son and his bride and to "see" the encouragement of the community that surrounds you. You know that I am praying for you and for you (together) to be a dynamic part of ushering in the Kingdom of God. I am so pleased and proud of you both. He is indeed a living God! Enjoy His Presence!